Brussels never was on my list. Cold, windy, far away, the centre of international politics, windy once again, rainy.

But I was really surprised to discover its beauty, style, contrast. And for this I shall say huge thank you to Sanda, Lucian and Stella. We spent great time together. Guys, now I’m the best promoter of Brussels. This city…yes it os cold, rainy and windy, but absolutely friendly, beautiful, unique.

So, Brussels through my eyes.

Book&Cook – one of the best book shops I’ve ever seen.

Brussels 0011Brussels 0091Brussels 0061Brussels 0031Brussels 0101Brussels 036Brussels 0021Brussels 0041Brussels 0051Brussels 0081Brussels 0071Brussels 0111Brussels 0121

Art is everywhere. Beautiful metro station.

Brussels 0131


I told you about the rain…Slowly killing any passion…Brussels 0141Brussels 0181Brussels 0152Brussels 0171Brussels 0231Brussels 0161Brussels 0251Brussels 0261Brussels 0221Brussels 0241Brussels 0201Brussels 031Brussels 0281

One of the scene from Danish Girl was shot here, in Brussels.  Einar is beaten up by two men in “Paris”. It was de facto Brussels.

Brussels 0291Brussels 0301Brussels 0271

Brussels 034Brussels 033Brussels 039Brussels 0191Brussels 069Brussels 043Brussels 044Brussels 038Brussels 041Brussels 040Brussels 045Brussels 062Brussels 063Brussels 047Brussels 049Brussels 051

Beautiful city for walking, a lot of antique shops, book shops, nice places for coffee and chat.

Brussels 052Brussels 048

My teenager dream…

Brussels 061Brussels 053Brussels 064Brussels 050

This is my kind of shop…

Brussels 056Brussels 055Brussels 054Brussels 060Brussels 057

Pay for coffee, get the candies.

Brussels 058Brussels 059Brussels 066Brussels 032Brussels 0211

Modern part. I guess it is nice.

Brussels 037Brussels 046Brussels 067

Year of roads.

Brussels 068Brussels 065

And…never stop dreaming. Who knows?! Maybe my feature destination.

Brussels 035


I discovered your instagram just a few minutes ago, I told myself “It could be great if she could come in Brussels” and … you already did ! Damn !

I absolutly love your style ! And your couples shooting are really great ! Congrats :)

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