The Bucket list

The Bucket list is a list of important things a person wants to do in the lifetime.
I wrote down some things that I would like to do in life and I’m going to keep track of them
all. Every few months I’ll check this list and update it: what was done or what I’m planning to
do next.
Completed events are going to be crossed off in the years to come. I’m going to try my best
to have a camera on me each time and to blog about proposed challenges.
I’m excited for everything to come. Drop me a line if you are going to do one of these things.

1. See the Great Wall of China
2. Learn French
3. Spend a week in Bora Bora
4. See the Vatican (February ’12)
5. Go to Rome (February ’12)
6. See the Kremlin once again
7. Carnival in Brazil
8. Oktoberfest
9. Drive across the country (Romania is a beautiful country)
10. Smoke in Amsterdam (Costin’s idea)
11. Smoke in Jamaica (my idea)
12. See Spain (and fall in love with Spain again and again)
13. Sing “New York, New York” in New York
14. Have a big closet only for shoes
15. Have a big closet for dresses
16. Don’t mind to see Kazakhstan
17. Olympic games
18. Read a book each month
19. Sell potatoes in the market
20. Become wedding planer
21. See Angus&Julia Stone concert
22. A play/ concert/ performance each month (Cirque du Soleil in February ’12)
23. Bike in Barcelona (as soon as possible)
24. Europe trip – main destinations are Norway, Holland, Portugal, Austria
25. Participate in rally (Costin’s dream)
26. See California
27. Cross Mojave desert
28. Find Nemo (somebody should find him)
29. Own a café in Barcelona
30. Never work for corporations (because you are nobody for Big Sharks)
31. Own a photostudio
32. The Carnival of Venice
33. Battle of oranges (another Italian carnival)
34. Go to Istanbul and see Topkapı Palace
35. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
36. Patras Carnival in Greece
37. Spend a week in Nice
38. Have 5 cats: red, black, white, gray and curly Devon Rex
39. Have one dog
40. Carnival of Las Palmas
41. Visit a strip club in Las Vegas (family idea)
42. Ride a camel across a sandy desert
43. Take a shower under a waterfall
44. Make a personal calendar
45. Go to the movies all day
46. Help someone else become successful
47. Share travel experience on my blog
48. Make a photo to a hot air balloon
49. Make a GIF
50. Get a tattoo
51. Visit Lisbon (July ’12)
52. Visit Slovenia
53. Visit Cappadocia
54. Visit Matera
55. Visit Ohrid lake in Macedonia

I’d like to hear any amazing things to do, share them in comment!


The Bucket list  Bucket list

Roxana S

1. Visit Japan for at least 1 month
2. Visit Sankt Petersburg
3. Move to Sibiu or Brasov
4. Own a farm
6. Take parents on holiday
7. Revisit San Francisco
8.Visit Peru, Brazil and Ecuador
9. Wander around the Great Bazaar in Cairo
10. Visit Singapore and India
11.Be a role model for my kids (future kid, that is)


51. to climb The Ceahlău Massif , at least once
52. prepare one delicious& different cake each month

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