Our real Christmas gift

We’re all looking forward to a new addition to our family in few days. I’m so happy that Santa already is in town and our baby girl is going to make her appearence just few days before Christmas, my favourite Holiday. She is the best gift.
The busiest months (May-October) are in the past …shooting weddings, travelling a lot, trying to maintain balance in my family and my job, be kind keeping my hormons under control, answer messages, edit a huge amount of pictures, blogging and posting …sometimes very late in the night. And for my pregnancy I had an excuse “I’ll deal with this later”.

Looking back, it was crazy and amazing. How it was possible to manage all this?! I was blessed to have great support from people I’ve met, inspiration and confidence that I’ve got.

Thank you to all of you who is visiting my blog. I already miss my camera, beautiful brides, noisy weddings and excitement that I always feel before the event.

Now, we have a little bit time for us. Time to deal with pregnancy. We are ready for this singular priceless moment, the better part of us is going to be revealed soon, very soon. And I want to make sure I’m enjoying every moment.

Happy December!
Love and Kisses from us!

Our real Christmas gift Photomiconablog 01Our real Christmas gift Photomiconablog 02Our real Christmas gift Photomiconablog 03


Ai avut dreptate, Roxana! :D

Roxana Chirita

Frumoasa foc … o sa fie un copil superb :)

Sarbatori fericite


Gorgeous :X

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