In cautarea cuplurilor indragostite.
Mai multe detalii despre proiect: photomicona@gmail.com sau mesaj privat FB

***** BA1A3534***** BA1A3438***** BA1A3146***** BA1A3167***** BA1A3176***** BA1A3187***** BA1A3193***** BA1A3221 1***** BA1A3223 1***** BA1A3231 1***** BA1A3234 1***** BA1A3238 1***** BA1A3242 1***** BA1A3246 1***** BA1A3252 1***** BA1A3260***** BA1A3261 1***** BA1A3312***** BA1A3317***** BA1A3329***** BA1A3338***** BA1A3355***** BA1A3370***** BA1A3401***** BA1A3271***** BA1A3378***** BA1A3429***** BA1A3495***** BA1A3472***** BA1A3462***** BA1A3490***** BA1A3506***** BA1A3509***** BA1A3528***** BA1A3536***** BA1A3516***** BA1A3537***** BA1A3560***** BA1A3561***** BA1A3565***** BA1A3576***** BA1A3594***** BA1A3596***** BA1A3610***** BA1A3613***** BA1A3619***** BA1A3648***** BA1A3651***** BA1A3659***** BA1A3661***** BA1A3671 1***** BA1A3679***** BA1A3692***** BA1A3694***** BA1A3715***** BA1A3733***** BA1A3748***** BA1A5999***** BA1A6000***** BA1A6004***** BA1A6025***** BA1A6028***** BA1A6032***** BA1A6039***** BA1A60541***** BA1A6096***** BA1A6115***** BA1A6117***** BA1A6121***** BA1A6124***** BA1A6144***** BA1A6151***** BA1A6189***** BA1A6192***** BA1A6198***** BA1A6204***** BA1A6213***** BA1A6236***** BA1A6226***** BA1A6241***** BA1A6261***** BA1A6264***** BA1A6272***** BA1A6305***** BA1A6319***** BA1A6337***** BA1A6364***** BA1A6397***** BA1A6446 2

Patrick Specht

Hey Natalia,

your photos are incredible! My girlfriend and I were looking for something like this for ages. Would it be possible to be part of your project? :)


Yasmeen Hijjawi

Very beautiful. . Wish you would take pictures of me and my husband. . Great work

James Rodrigues


Courtney Lyons

gorgeous!! if you ever come to canada come shoot my fiance and i lol :)

Gabriel Scripnicu

Super frumos Natalia ! :)

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