Glad to post this inspirational wedding on our Blog. Crina was looking fabulous in her wedding dress. Sorin is probablly the best dancing groom.:) I love the groom’s fun and romantic look.

It was just perfect.
I’m going to miss their wedding.
You can see more photos in the full gallery on our website .

Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 011Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 021Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 031Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 04Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 05

Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 06

Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 07Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 08Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 09Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 10

Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 111

Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 12Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 14Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 15Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 16Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 17Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 19Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 18Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 20Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 21Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 22Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 23Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 24Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 25Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 26Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 27Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 28Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 29Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 30Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 31Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 32Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 33Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 34Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 35Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 36Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 37Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 38Crina+Sorin Photomiconablog 39


Buna, petrecerea a fost la restaurant Jubile The Ballroom DECEBAL.

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