How I feel about a perfect wedding … I feel as though bride and groom have the most special and fun and loving day of their life. They look fabulous, they shine of happiness, they enjoy each moment.
You can see more of this summer Perfect Wedding in the full gallery here . It’s not about the dress, the cake or the people.  It is about the bride and the groom.

Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 01Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 02Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 03Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 04Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 05Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 06Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 07Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 08Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 09Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 10Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 11Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 12Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 13Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 14Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 15Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 16Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 17Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 18Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 19Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 20Alexandra+Cezar PhotomiconaAlexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 22Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 23Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 24Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 25Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 26Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 27Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 28Alexandra+Cezar Photomiconablog 29

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