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How do you see your life 10 years from now? Do you remember how it was 10 years back, how you looked at things, how you felt about the people in your life ? Do scents or photographs trigger sweet memories, do you think that love should be celebrated every day and that every moment is priceless ?

Thinking of all these, I had decided 5 years ago to follow my passion and make time matter, encapsulate emotions and offer the world my heritage of love. Photography is now my full time job, alongside raising my beautiful baby girl with my husband and talented partner Costin.

Do you like to challenge conventions?  We do. The lens of our cameras prefers an editorial – photojournalistic style to tell stories in non-standard ways. We enjoy doing our job and relieving some of the pressure of your life changing event or capture of a special moment with humor and professionalism.

We believe in people’s unique beauty and we enjoy capturing this aspect, revealing the special little details in what seems at first glance an ordinary gesture or a common outfit. Our philosophy is that you should ENJOY and have fun every moment.

Not everyone can take great photos, but everyone can feel and look great and Costin and I are here to do this for you.

For great stories and an opportunity to create memorable images, please don’t hesitate to contact me through blog or email me:

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